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Dr. Mehrnaz Paydar received her Ph.D. from Howard University’s Department of Nutritional Sciences, followed by her successful completion of the registration examination for dietitians. While working towards her doctorate, Dr. Paydar practiced as a researcher, an educator, and served as a nutritional consultant for the FDA in Washington, DC. Dr. Paydar concluded her post-graduate work with a dietetic training program at Florida State University where she completed nutritional assessments and lifestyle change recommendations for patients of various backgrounds and nutritional needs. Her nutrition counseling sessions are specifically designed for various medical conditions and lifestyles including but not limited to: weight loss, pediatric nutrition, sports nutrition, bariatric surgery, diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, food allergy, gout, gastric acid reflux, IBS, Low FODMAP diet, other gastrointestinal conditions, and eating disorders. Dr. Paydar has an extensive history working with patients of all ages including pediatric clients and their families looking to learn healthy habits and the development of weight loss programs. Her wealth of experience and knowledge make her a perfect fit to lead the Health and Wellness Program at Montgomery Sports Medicine Center.

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