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Medical Care for Athletes & Non-Athletes

Sports Medicine

Sports Medicine is a specialty of medicine that relates to sports injury, sports nutrition, sports training and exercise, so of course, many of our patients are athletes. However, we also treat musculoskeletal injuries and conditions in non-athletes. If you suffer from foot pain, joint pain, back pain, or any other pain from head to toe, we will be able to find a treatment that’s right for you.

What does a Sports Medicine Physician do?

A sports medicine physician has significant specialized training in both the treatment and prevention of illness and injury. They treat anyone who has an injury or non-surgical concern regarding their musculoskeletal system, which includes your bones, muscles, tendons, ligaments, and joints. Additionally, they provide comprehensive medical care for athletes, sports teams or active individuals (non-athletes) who are looking to maintain a healthy lifestyle. 

Extensive training is required to become a sports medicine physician. All of our providers are board certified in both sports medicine and family or internal medicine. Additionally, our physicians are also trained in diagnostic and interventional ultrasound, allowing them to provide a more precise evaluation. 

What is the difference between a Sports Medicine Physician and an Orthopedic Surgeon?

Both Orthopedic Surgeons and Sports Medicine Physicians are well trained in the musculoskeletal system. However, a Sports Medicine Physician’s expertise revolves around the non-operative (non-surgical) treatment of musculoskeletal conditions, while Orthopedic Surgeons are trained in the operative (surgical) treatment of these conditions. 

Sports Medicine Physicians can establish a diagnosis, discuss the prognosis, and explain treatment and recovery options for patients. They can also guide appropriate referrals to physical and occupational therapies if necessary, and provide referrals to an Orthopedic Surgeon if operative treatment is required.

When should I see a Sports Medicine Physician?

You should consult a Sports Medicine Physician if you:

  • Have recently sustained a sports injury
  • Suffer from chronic pain or other conditions that hinder your ability to complete physical tasks
  • Have pain that is not improving or is worsening
  • Are looking to improve your activity level or performance
  • Have sustained a recent blow to the head and/or are experiencing concussion-like symptoms
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